Sydney Rare Book Auctions: Aboriginal Australian Norman Lindsay Art Architecture Firsts Signed, 62422, Ultimo

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06/24/2022 - 06/24/2022
Page Size: 634 items in 26 pages

Lot NumberAuthor NameBook TitlePlace PrintedYear PublishedEstimateActual Price
1James Edge-Partington.

An Album of the Weapons, Tools, Ornaments, Articles of Dress Etc., of the Natives of the Pacific Islands Drawn and Described

1969AUD 500.00 - 750.00AUD 437.50
2R Etheridge:

I - The Cylindro-Conical and Cornute Stone Implements of Western New South Wales and Their Significance. II. - The Warrigal, Or "Dingo," Introduced or Indigenous?

Sydney1916AUD 350.00 - 400.00AUD 1,000.00
3Frederick McCarthy.

Australia's Aborigines Their Life and Culture

1957AUD 150.00 - 200.00AUD 150.00
4Ronald and Catherine Berndt

Man, Land & Myth in North Australia The Gunwinggu People

1970AUD 50.00 - 80.00AUD 87.50
5Frederick D McCarthy

An Analysis of the Large Stone Implements From Five Workshops on the North Coast of New South Wales

1947AUD 50.00 - 80.00AUD 125.00
6J R B Love reprinted from Records of the South Australian Museum

Illustrations of the Stone Monuments of the Worora

1938AUD 50.00 - 80.00AUD 137.50
7Rev J H Sexton. Adelaide Aborigines' Friends Association.

Australian Aborigines

1944AUD 100.00 - 150.00AUD 62.50
8Simon Holdaway and Nicola Stern with CD

A Record in Stone. The Study of Australia's flaked Stone Artefacts

Melbourne2013AUD 50.00 - 80.00AUD 50.00

Poignant Regalia 19th Century Aboriginal Breastplates and Images. Exhibition catalogue Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales

1993AUD 200.00 - 300.00AUD 625.00
10Ronald M and Catherine H. Berndt.

Aborigines of the West. There Past and their Present

Perth1979AUD 50.00 - 80.00AUD 62.50
11Mike Donaldson.

Burrup Rock Art. Ancient Aboriginal Rock Art of Burrup Peninsula and Dampier Archipelago Western Australia

2009AUD 200.00 - 250.00AUD 175.00

Kimberley Rock Art 1) Mitchell Plateau Area 2) North Kimberley 3) Rivers and Ranges

2012 and 2013AUD 500.00 - 750.00AUD 750.00
13Grahame L Walsh

Bradshaw Art of the Kimberley

AUD 2,500.00 - 3,000.00AUD 2,625.00
14Grahame L. Walsh.

Australia's Greatest Rock Art

Bathurst: 1988AUD 300.00 - 350.00AUD 375.00
15Bernard Smith & Alwyne Wheeler. Large quarto

The Art of the First Fleet & other early Australian drawings edited

Melbourne 1988AUD 80.00 - 100.00AUD 125.00
16Baldwin Spencer and F J Gillen.

The Native Tribes of Central Australia

London 1938AUD 200.00 - 250.00AUD 250.00
17Charles Chewings

Back In The Stone Age The Natives of Central Australia .

Sydney 1936AUD 200.00 - 250.00AUD 562.50
18Sir Baldwin Spencer and the Late F J Gillen in Two Volumes

The Arunta A Study of a Stone Age People

London1927AUD 500.00 - 600.00AUD 2,125.00
19Baldwin Spencer

Native Tribes of the Northern Territory of Australia

London1914AUD 400.00 - 500.00AUD 468.75
20Baldwin Spencer and F J Gillen.

Wanderings In Wild Australia

London1928AUD 400.00 - 500.00AUD 375.00
21Charles P Mountford.

Nomads of the Australian Desert

Rigby1976AUD 400.00 - 500.00AUD 531.25
22Richard Sadleir

The Aborigines of Australia

Sydney1883AUD 500.00 - 600.00AUD 562.50
23A W Howitt.

The Native Tribes of South-East Australia

London1904AUD 350.00 - 400.00AUD 500.00
24Knut Dahl

In Savage Australia An Account of a Hunting and Collecting Expedition to Arnhem Land and Dampier Land

London 1926AUD 200.00 - 250.00Not Sold
25Thomas Worsnop, Town Clerk, Adelaide.

The Prehistoric Arts, Manufactures, Works, Weapons, etc of the Aborigines of Australia. Compiled and collated

Adelaide 1897AUD 300.00 - 400.00AUD 562.50
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