Antiquarian Bookseller John Windle's books

No. Author Title Place Printed Year Printed Price
1 Palmer, Samuel. The Life and Letters of Samuel Palmer, Painter and Etcher; written and edited by A. H. Palmer. 875.00
2 Blake, William. Kennedy, R.B., editor. Songs of Innocence and of Experience, and Other Works....With a selective appendix of shorter poems from BlakeOs manuscripts. Annotated Student Texts series edited by Mark Roberts. 10.00
3 Blake, William. Keynes, Geoffrey, editor. The Complete Writings of William Blake. With all the variant readings. 30.00
4 Bertram, Anthony. William Blake. The WorldOs Masters-New Series. 15.00
5 Butlin, Martin. William Blake. A complete catalogue of the works in the Tate Gallery. With an introduction by Anthony Blunt and a foreword by John Rothenstein. 30.00
6 Butlin, Martin. A Catalogue of the Works of Blake in the Tate Gallery. 30.00
7 Clutton-Brock, Alan. Blake. 25.00
8 Erdman, David V. Blake Studies vol. 6 no. 1 Fall 1973. 25.00
9 Exhibition Catalogue. Carfax Exhibition of Works by William Blake Born 1757. Died 1827. 14 June to 31 July 1906. 45.00
10 Exhibition Catalogue. Prints by the Blake Followers. 10.00
11 Gardner, Stanley. Blake. 5.00
12 Gardner, Stanley. BlakeOs Innocence and Experience Retraced. 35.00
13 Hawley, Henry. Neo-Classicism: Style and Motif. With an Essay by Reny G. Saisselin. 35.00
14 Hirst, DesirZe. Blake Studies vol. 3 no. 1 Fall 1970. 10.00
15 Hughes, William R., editor. William Blake. Jerusalem. A simplified version ... 35.00
16 Baker, C.H. Catalogue of William BlakeOs Drawings and Paintings in the Huntington Library. 25.00
17 Baker, C.H. Catalogue of William BlakeOs Drawings and Paintings in the Huntington Library. Enlarged and revised by R.R. Wark. 35.00
18 John, Brian. Supreme Fictions. Studies in the work of William Blake, Thomas Carlyle, W.B. Yeats, and D.H. Lawrence. 10.00
19 Keay, Carolyn. William Blake Selected Engravings. 10.00
20 Keynes, Geoffrey. Blake. The Pitman Gallery. 15.00
21 Keynes, Geoffrey, editor. The Faber Gallery. Blake (1757-1827) with an introduction and notes by Geoffrey Keynes. 25.00
22 Kitagawa, Joseph M. and Charles H. Long, editors. Myths and Symbols. Studies in Honor of Mircea Eliade. 25.00
23 Nicoll, Allardyce. William Blake and His Poetry. 20.00
24 Norman, Hubert J. Cowper and Blake. A Paper read... 15.00
25 Pinto, Vivian de Sola. William Blake, Isaac Watts, and Mrs. Barbauld. 15.00