Henry Sotheran Ltd.'s books

No. Author Title Place Printed Year Printed Price
1 ROOS, Frank J Bibliography Of Early American Architecture. Writings on Architecture Constructed Before 1860 in Eastern and Central Uinited States. 1968 20.00
2 VENICE Terza Mostra Internazionale Di Architettura. Venice Project. 60.00
3 DEBAT-PONSAN, J. Nouvelles Ecoles En France. 165.00
4 BURCKHARDT, J. Briefe an einen Architecten 1870-1889. 98.00
5 KERBER, Ottmar. Von Bramante Zu Lukas Von Hildebrandt. 45.00
6 PONTEN, Josef. Architektur Die Nicht Gebaut Wurde. 1925 350.00
7 [SCHINKEL]. SPRINGER, P. Schinkels SchlossbrA 1/4 cke In Berlin Zweckbau Und Monument PropylAen. 1981 25.00
8 ROCHOWANSKI, L.W. Josef Hoffmann. Eine Studie geschrieben zu seinem 80. Geburtstag mit Zeichungen von Josef Hoffmann und einer PortrAtzeichnung von Emil Orlik. 1950 120.00
9 [PAINTING BOOKS]. Easy Painting Books. 1904 68.00
10 ANDERSON, Andrew. The Game of Draughts, Simplified and Illustrated with Practical Diagrams. 1887 98.00
11 SHEPHERD, J.A. (illustrator and author). A Frolic Round The Zoo Being The Adventures of Blinx and Bunda. 1926 78.00
12 BATES, H.E. The Great House. 1984 198.00
13 CORNWELL, Bernard. Sharpe's Fortress. 1999 98.00
14 PAN-AMERICAN FIREWORKS Co. Sales Leaflet. 298.00
15 PALGRAVE, Francis Turner The Golden Treasury Selected from the best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language and Arranged with Notes by Francis T. Palgrave with a Supplementary Fifth Book Selected, Arranged an Annotated by Lawrence Binyon. 1936 148.00
16 The Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books. 1566-1910. A Catalogue. 1958 28.00
17 IRVING, Washington (author). Roberta F.C. WAUDBY (illustrator). The Country Church. 1930 28.00
18 CRESSWELL, Samuel Gurney. A Series of Eight Sketches in Colour (Together with a Chart of the Route) by Lieut. S. Gurney Cresswell, of the Voyage of H.M.S. Investigator (Captain M'Clure), during the Discovery of the North-West Passage. Dedicated by Special Permission, to Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen. 1998 348.00
19 HAKLUYT SOCIETY The Hakluyt Handbook. Edited by D.B. Quinn. 1974 98.00
20 HAKLUYT SOCIETY La Austrialia del EspAritu Santo. The Journal of Fray MartAn de Munilla O.F.M. and other documents relating to The Voyage of Pedro FernAndez de QuirAs to the South Sea (1605-1606) and the Franciscan Missionary Plan (1617-1627). Translated and edited by Celsus Kelly...With ethnological introduction, appendix, and other contributions by G.S. Parsonson. 1966 98.00
21 PUSHKIN, Alexander. THOMAS, D.M. (translator). Boris Godunov. Translated and Adapted by D.M. Thomas. 1985 198.00
22 [EXPADITIONS POLAIRES FRANAAISES]. PREVOST, Jean. 'Etude comparative de la mortalitA A la colonie de Manchots Empereurs de Pointe GAologie pendant les annAes 1952 et 1956. ExpAditions Polaires FranAaises (Missions Paul-E. Victor). ExpAditions Antarctiques en Terre AdAlie 1949-1957. Note Ornithologique no 16', offprint from: L'Oiseau et la Revue franAaise ornithologie, V.XXVIII, 1958. 1958 28.00
23 DEFOE, Daniel The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, Mariner of Hull. With Biographical Memoir [by John Ballantyne] and Illustrative Notes. 1882 550.00
24 FISHER'S DRAWING ROOM SCRAP-BOOK, 1837. With Poetical Illustrations by L.E.L. [Letitia Elizabeth Landon]. 148.00
25 DISCOVERY REPORTS. JOHN, D. Dilwyn. Crinoidea. 1936 88.00