Harrison-Hiett Rare Books's books

No. Author Title Place Printed Year Printed Price
1 Luciani Pseudosophista Sev Soloecista Cum Notis & Animadversionibus Johannis Georgii Graevil 180.00
2 TAYLOR, Jeremy, D.D. The Worthy Communicant: Or a Discourse of the Nature, Effects and Blessings, Consequent to the Worthy Receiving of the Lord's Supper; An of all the Duties Required in Order to a Worthy Preparation. Together with the Cases of Conscience Occurring in the Duty of Him that Ministers, and of Him that Communicates. As Also Devotions Fitted to Every Part of His Ministration. To Which is Added a Sermon, Never Printed with the Folio Volume of Sermons. 75.00
3 SCOTT, Capt. Robert F. The Voyage of the "Discovery" With 260 Full-page and Smaller Illustrations by Dr. E.A. Wilson and other Members of the Expedition, Photogravure Frontispieces, 12 Coloured plates in Facsimile from Dr. Wilson's Sketches, Panoramas and Maps. In two volumes. 425.00
4 BLACKMORE, Richard, Sir. Creation: A Philosophical Poem in Seven Books 140.00
5 [A ROMAN CATHOLIC] Letters, Addressed to the Editor of the Stamford News on the Grantham Petition of 1825 ...Against Further Concessions to His Majesty's Roman Catholic Subjects in Great Britain or Ireland. By a Roman Catholic. Together with the Petition itself, the Declaration of the Roman Catholic Archbishops & Bishops in Ireland, and other Justificatory Documents. 70.00
6 DOWNING, Sister Mary Alphonsus [Ellen] Voices From the Heart. Sacred Poems. New and Enlarged Edition Revised the the Right Rev. Doctor Leahy. 60.00
7 BRIDGETTINE FATHERS, The The Catholic Review 42.00
8 WATERTON, Edmund Pietas Mariana Britannica A History of English Devotion to the Most Blessed Virgin Marye Mother of God, with a Catalogue of Shrines, Sanctuaries, Offerings, Bequests, and other Memorials of the Piety of our Forefathers. 115.00
9 WORDSWORTH, William The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth in Five Volumes 540.00
10 SUAREZ, Fransisci, R.P. Opus De Triplici Virtute Theologica. Fide, Spe, et Charitate In Tres Tractatus, Pro Ipsarum Virtutum Numero Distributum. Ad Illustrissimium et Reverendissimim 360.00
11 BURTON, Richard F. Sind Revisited: With Notices of the Anglo-Indian Army; Railroads; Past, Present and Future, etc: 750.00
12 [WOELLWARTH, Mary Elise] Songs to Our Lady of Silence 42.00
13 KENNEY, Arthur H. An Enquiry concerning some of the Doctrines maintained by the Church of Rome In Answer to the Charge of Intolerance, brought by Members of that Church, Against Members of the Church of England. 80.00
14 [AUSTRALIA] The Australian Messenger of the Sacred Heart 70.00
15 [ANON] Institution for the Propogation of the Faith To aid the Foreign Missions of the Old and the New World 12.00
16 [ANON] Institution for the Propogation of the Faith To aid the Foreign Missions of the Old and the New World 12.00
17 MASSINI, P. Carlo Istruzione de Orazioni Per Assistere Divotamente alla Santa Messa E per accostarsi Ai Sacramenti Della Confessione e Cummunione ed altre Divozioni 40.00
18 CLIFFORD, Hugh Charles, Lord Notes on the Report of Lord Ellenborough's Speech September 23rd 1841 22.00
19 [TOTTENHAM, Rev. Edward a.o.] The Authenticated Report of the Discussion Which Took Place in the Chapel of the Roman Catholic College of Downside, Near Bath, on the 25th, 26th and 27th of February, and the 5th, 6th and 7th March 1834 Subjects: "The Rule of the Faith", and "The Sacrifice of the Mass". Protestant Speakers: REV. EDWARD TOTTENHAM, REV. JOHN LYONS; Roman Catholic Speakers: REV. T. J. BROWN, REV T. M. MACDONELL, REV FRANCIS EDGEWORTH. 110.00
20 ANDERDON, W[illiam]. H[enry]. The Catholic Crusoe; Adventures of Owen Evans, Set Ashore on a Desolate Island 1739. 50.00
21 OSTINI, Pietro. Dottrina Cristiana Proposta dall Eminentissimo Cardinale Pietro Ostini Alla Sua Diocesi Di Albano Edizione Eseguita Sulle Due Prime Di Iesi 28.00
22 [ANON] Observations on Various Publications which have Issued From the Press During the Last Twenty-Five Years on The Coronation Oath Taken by the Kings of England 45.00
23 MOUNT SAINT BERNARD ABBEY Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire. 12 Camera Studies of the New Church 24.00
24 The MONITOR An Illustrated Dublin Magazine Volumes I and II [ALL PUBLISHED] 180.00
25 OSWIN, Ymal The Lady in Crimson and Other Tales 85.00