Certain Books's books

No. Author Title Place Printed Year Printed Price
1 Wilson, Adrian, Illustrator: Nuiko Haramaki The Type Juggler & His Wife Invite You to a Party You are Cordially Invited to the Double Celebration For the Publication of The Design of Books By Adrien Wilson & Tobi By Joyce Lancaster Wilson Friday, February 2, 1968 Steam Beer Brewery San Francisco San Francisco California 1968 20.00
2 (Druckerei Bruder Rosenbaum) ABC (Printing Sample Book) Druckerei Bruder Rosenbaum Wien 20.00
3 Bianco, D. Livio Venti Mesi Di Guerra Partigiana Nel Cuneese Cuneo 1946 45.00
4 White, Rev. Gilbert The Natural History of Selborne: With Miscellaneous Observations and Explanatory Notes 20.00
5 Plato Plato Selected Passages Chosen and edited By Sir R.W. Livingstone London 1941 20.00
6 De Alarcon, D. Pedro Antonio Cuentos Amatorios Madrid 1893 25.00
7 (Theatre Arts Monthly) Theatre Arts Monthly Volume XVII June 1933 Number 6 New York 1933 25.00
8 White, Percy The House of Intrigue Leipzig 1909 45.00
9 Croce, Benedetto Considerazioni Sul Problema Morale Del Tempo Nostro Bari 1945 35.00
10 (Theatre Arts Monthly) Theatre Arts Monthly Volume XVII May 1933 Number 5 New York 1933 25.00
11 De Beaumont, Mademoiselle Le Prince Magasin Des Enfans, Ou Dialogues Entre Une Sage Gouvernante et Plusieurs De Ses E'leves De La Premiere Distinction... A Londres 1792 125.00
12 (Greenport) Map of Greenport Town of Southold Suffolk County New York New York 1929 45.00
13 (Manuscript Deed) Manuscript Deed Quitclaim for Land in Hempstead Long Island New York Powell & Williams Families Hempstead Long Island New York 1825 125.00
14 (Lady Elizabeth Grey) Photographic Portrait of Distinguished Visitors are Guests of Lord and Lady Geschen in Madras. Lady Elizabeth Grey Lady Mary Grey and The Honorable David Smith 20.00
15 (Guinness Family) Photographic Portrait of Lady Gwendoline Guinness and Children and Mrs. Noel Guinness formerly Joan daughter of Baron and Lady Churston 1922 20.00
16 (Clara Lutz Bolling) Photographic Portrait of Clara Lutz Bolling Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wilmer Bolling, and Niece of Mrs. Woodrow Wilson 1931 20.00
17 Hearst, William Randolph Hearst William Randolph Hearst Inscription and Signature and a Representative's Ribbon from The Country Gentleman Newspaper 450.00
18 Day, Jeremiah An Inquiry Respecting the Self-Determining Power of the Will; or Contingent Volition. New Haven 1838 65.00
19 Read, Rev. Hollis The Palace of the Great King: Or, the Power, Wisdom and Goodness of God Illustrated in the Multiplicity and Variety of His Works Glasgow 1864 25.00
20 Kahn, Albert E. Days with Ulanova New York 1962 20.00
21 Harrison, Molly How Things developed: Furniture London 1955 20.00
22 Chalidze, Valery To Defend These Rights: Human Rights and the Soviet Union New York 1974 20.00
23 (German Immigration) Large Cabinet Photo Identified on Back of Mount as Family of German Immigrants to N.Y. City 35.00
24 (Bank of Westbury) The Bank of Westbury N.Y. Blotter with Color Illustration By Carl Kahler Red Oak, Iowa 20.00
25 (G.W. Lascelle) G.W. Lascelle Electrical Contractor Westbury Station Long Island New York Advertising Blotter with Image By John De Yongh N.Y. 1903 35.00