George S. MacManus Company's books

No. Author Title Place Printed Year Printed Price
1 CARVER, Jonathan Voyage dans les Parties Interieures de L'Amerique 1784 850.00
2 SMITH, Capt. John Description of New England; or, Observations and Discoveries in the 450.00
3 HORN, Stanley Decisive Battle of Nashville. 45.00
4 HORN, Stanley F., ed. Robert E. Lee Reader. 45.00
5 HORNER, Harlan H. Lincoln and Greeley. 35.00
6 HOUGH, Alfred L. Soldier in the West. The Civil War Letters of...Edited by R.G. Athearn 35.00
7 HUMPHREYS, Andrew A. From Gettysburg to the Rapidan. The Army of the Potomac, July 1863 to 85.00
8 HYMAN, Harold M. Era of the Oath: Northern Loyalty Tests During the Civil War and 35.00
9 IRWIN, Richard B. History of the Nineteenth Army Corps. 175.00
10 JACOBS, M. Notes on the Rebel Invasion of Maryland and Pennsylvania, and the Batt 150.00
11 JOHNSON, W. Fletcher Life of William Tecumseh Sherman, Late Retired General, U.S.A...With 35.00
12 JOHNSTON, Joseph E. Narrative of Military Operations, Directed During the Late War Between 1874 250.00
13 JONES, Virgil Carrington. Gray Ghosts and Rebel Raiders. With an Introduction by Bruce Catton. 1956 45.00
14 CARRINGTON, Virgil Ranger Mosby. 35.00
15 KEAN, Robert Garlick Hill Inside the Confederate Government: The Diary of...Head of the Bureau 30.00
16 KEY, William Battle of Atlanta and the Georgia Campaign. 40.00
17 KIEFER, W.R. History of the 153rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. 175.00
18 KIRK, Charles H., comp. History of the Fifteenth Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, Which Was 300.00
19 KNOX, Thomas W. Camp-Fire and Cotton-Field: Southern Adventure in Time of War. Life 150.00
20 KORN, Bertram W. American Jewry and the Civil War. Introduction by Allan Nevins. 60.00
21 LEARNED, Marion D. Abraham Lincoln, An American Migration: Family English Not German. 75.00
22 LEE, Robert E. [Jr.] Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee. By His Son...Intro 1924 100.00
23 LEE, R[obert] E. Wartime Papers. Clifford Dowdey, Editor. With Connective Narrative 50.00
24 LEWIS, Lloyd Captain Sam Grant. 20.00
25 SMITH, Sol., Illustrator: DARLEY Theatrical Management in the West and South for Thirty Years. Interspe 1868 175.00