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BOOKPHIL Out of Print & Signed
3987 Main St. Hilliard
HILLIARD, Ohio, 43026
United States
Order Phone Number: 6148760442
Fax: 6248766403 on request
Email address: BOOKPHIL@AOL.COM
About Us:Retiring after 35 yrs . Quote serious author/title/editions. Overflow showroom only available during winter. 3 buildings. We bring requests from huge warehouse by request: Sample: 7,ooo War. 2,000 children. Air.Sea, Crime, Espionage. 8,000+ Fiction not i
We are always looking to buy:Retireing. Only need British information from civilians of my age (7 - 14) & their experiences..during the War for book Ive been researching 20 yrs on my childhood through the Blitz etc. thanks, oversaes will pay postage...& I phone thanks, nb