A business for sale

- by Bruce E. McKinney

A full functioning online shop is available! is a click away.


In the old days book stores often opened with great fanfare and when the hourglass eventually ran out, willing buyers both for their stock and their shops could be found.  Alas, during the past two decades it’s become quite different.  It’s become more of a buyer’s market even as it has become easier to buy and sell turn-key online shops, invariably with a clientele , a web presence, and inventory – in this case 10,000 items, many already described, priced and posted on major listing sites. of Ontario, Canada is one of this type of online shop which sells books of all types, as well as trading cards, toys and YES bike parts. 


For their owner, Mr. David Sundquist, who is located in Ontario, Canada, now drifting into his 70’s, he feels a yen to become a snowbird.  To do so, he’s looking to sell his business.


For those interested, here is their contact information:


Colan Summers, his manager


(519) 398-1831


David Sundquist, the principal

Tel:  (416) 786-2711