Getman’s Virtual now Included in viaLibri rare book search engine

- by Bruce E. McKinney

Marvin Getman developed an online solution for the book fair community after Covid 2019 caused person to person fairs to be temporarily shut down.  Today’s announcement tells us that he continues to find new partners for his services.  The world of collectible paper is a better place for his thinking.


Here is the official announcement:


Getman’s Virtual Book Fairs, the leading platform for virtual book fairs, has joined viaLibri, the world’s largest marketplace for old, rare and, second-hand books, further expanding its reach of more than 160 independent and multi-seller websites worldwide.


Recognizing a significant potential synergy between their well-established platforms, Marvin Getman contacted viaLibri’s Jim Hinck to suggest that collaboration with Getman’s fairs, which average 1,200-1,500 fresh items per fair, could bring significant benefits for both of them.


Jim quickly agreed.  They then put their technical teams together to work out the logistics of searching the fairs during their open times, generally for three days per month.


In addition to becoming searchable with viaLibri’s regular search engine, the items offered at Getman’s fairs will also be covered by viaLibri’s popular wants matching service, Libribot.  This service constantly checks the internet for newly listed books and matches these against over 160,000 sets of search criteria saved by viaLibri’s users.  New matches are emailed out to viaLibri’s users several times a day.


Both Getman and Hinck agree that this innovative collaboration will enhance the experience for buyers and sellers of rare books and associated material.




Marvin Getman


Jim Hinck