- by Bruce E. McKinney


Numbers Matter: Click Here!!

We begin 2023 with 12,608,421 full text records in our principal database, Transactions+, that cover rare books, manuscripts, maps and ephemera at auction.  Those who specialize in the field have long understood auction history has provided an effective and efficient way to gauge rarity and value. 


This year, our subscriptions include Batch Valuation, a fresh way to understand collections and inventories in a snap.  Traditional searches are run one by one but with Batch Valuation searches can be run by the dozens of thousands.  For the collector they can now know how the material they own is faring as a collection in real time while for institutions its useful for setting insurance levels and security guidelines, as well for understanding the value of potential acquisitions and or deaccessions.  For auction houses, dealers and appraisers too will appreciate its speed as it ushers in a new level of transparency.


Net, net transparency will encourage confidence both to acquirers and sellers.


Best wishes for 2023!


** Batch Valuation is now on the Tool Bar