Nine New Catalogues Reviewed

- by Michael Stillman


This month we review nine new catalogues, which includes some unusual and spectacular ones. Artifacts of the Bible presents an extensive collection which is practically a history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). Downtown Brown Books has a catalogue of handmade Cuban books that is a handmade book itself (and equally collectible). Primary Sources offers a detailed catalogue covering some uncommon and unique works in Americana.


Ursus Rare Books has a catalogue focused on the artist and the book from the 19th century. Similarly, Shapero Rare Books has artistic works in its collection of English aquatint books, also primarily from the 19th century. The Veatchs Arts of the Book is also focused on the book arts.


Jonathan A. Hill Bookseller targets early printing from Japan and Korea, including items printed before Gutenberg (though not with movable type). Antiquariat Kainbacher offers an archive of Heinrich von Maltzen, Oriental traveller, though the Orient to him was the Middle East and northern Africa, not East Asia. Raptis Rare Books has a new selection of fine books from a variety of fields.


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