Update from the far side of the moon

- by Bruce E. McKinney


Marvin Getman, the rare book fair impresario has some good news to report:  The Brooklyn Virtual Antiquarian Book Fair opened on September 4th, 2020 as proxy for what was a year ago an already a strong traditional rare book and paper fair.  Of course Covid-19 intervened this spring and, in response, Marvin reimagined book fairs electronically.   The outcome this past month was his 4th electronic fair for a field that needed a miracle.  The changes reflect in the recent statistics generated:


226 participating dealers


3,100 items listed with another 500 posted in a second wave


Sales:  800 items sold


Turnover:  $850,000+


An observation from Marvin:  “we’re seeing an increase of $1,000+ sales"


Attendance:  12,500 unique visitors


Webinars:  A panel discussion by RBMS librarians discussing  Spiritualism, Magic and the Occult proved popular and they are on uTube and www.getmansvirtual.com.


Future events now scheduled:  October 6-8; November 3-5; December holiday event TBA


Taken together:  Wow!